SportsEngine Registration: Hibbing/Chisholm Youth Hockey

2018-2019 Volunteer Sign Up



Thank you for your interest in assuming a season-long role serving our young hockey players.  By no means does your elections in this survey state your commitment to the role.  Instead, it denotes only your interest.

There are various roles that must be filled each season.  These are listed below along with a brief and incomplete description.  The descriptions of each role will continue to be developed.


  • Team Manager (All levels)

    • At the direction of coaches and Executive Director, schedule tournaments, games, and scrimmages.
    • Work with Registration Coordinator to make sure all team paperwork is completed for the district and USA Hockey
    • Communicate with parents as necessary regarding team business.
    • Ensure jerseys and other equipment are available for each player on the team and collected at the end of the season (upper levels)
    • Coordinate and document all volunteer efforts for team families.  Obligations include locker room monitoring, home game clock/book/penalty boxes, and home tournament planning and hosting.
    • Manage the team website
  • Coach (All levels)

    • Establish/coordinate/assist with practice planning
    • Manage the bench during games
    • Instruct youth on hockey and interpersonal skills
    • Drive game and tournament schedules in adherence to association policies
  • DIBS Coordinator

    • Input all DIBS at the direction of the Executive Director.
    • Approve worked shifts
    • Work with parents to assure all hours are tracked appropriately.
    • Work with the Executive Director to assure DIBS are developed appropriately and follow standards.
    • Work with team Managers to assure slots are filled.
  • Raffle Coordinator

    • Manage the hand-out and collection of all Raflfe tickets.
    • Requires solid organizational skills.
  • Fundraising Committee

    • Provide input and manage fundraising goals and initiatives.


  • Concession Stand Committee

    • Steer and direct concession stand goals and priorities
    • Manage concession stand inventory
    • Coordinate staffing


  • Equipment Coordinator

    • Tracks inventory and manages the distribution and collection of HCYHA hockey equipment.
    • Develops system of tracking.
    • Remains available throughout the season as new needs arise.
    • Owns and manages jersey inventory
  • Grant Writing Committee

    • The Grant Writing Committee is charged with identifying grant opportunities for the hockey association, writing grant proposals, and tracking their lifecycle.

If you would like to learn more about any of these roles, please use the contact link below.

Heather Drews

Heather Drews

Executive Director